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Register of Deeds

Faye Williams

Faye Williams, Director

178 Mill St.

Chesterfield, SC 29709

Phone: 843-623-2172

Fax: 843-623-6982


Public Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Additional Contacts:

Becky Harris, Deputy ROD

Phone: 843-623-2172


Sarah Webster, Recording Clerk

Phone: 843-623-5933


Department Functions:

  • File, index and record deeds, mortgages, plats, federal tax liens, uniform commercial codes, mechanics liens and other miscellaneous documents pertaining to real property.   

  • Collect state mandated recording fees on all documents.

  • Assist the general public in obtaining copies of deeds, mortgages, plats, tax liens, uniform commercial codes or other recorded documents.  

  • Provide certified true copies of recorded documents.

  • Offer onsite information and instructions on how to use computers, copy machines, record books and microfilm.

  • Give limited information over telephone.

  • Provide access to other county offices.

  • Provide South Carolina Archives a microfilmed duplicate of all county records as required by law.

The Register of Deeds Office Does Not:

  • Perform title searches or extensive record or lien searches.

  • Give legal advice, refer or make legal recommendations of any kind.

  • Execute legal documents.

  • Report information to credit bureaus or other agencies.

  • Report taxes, Clerk of Court records, delinquent taxes, Probate Court records or any other office’s records in county.

Frequently Asked Questions:

May I prepare my own deed?

Yes you may but our office always recommends that you hire an attorney. Our office is strictly for recording. We do not prepare documents and do not answer questions in the preparation of legal documents.

Can I change or take a name off of my deed?

An attorney will have to prepare another deed as to a gift for a relative or the death of one of the grantees.

How much does it cost to record a deed?

The filing fee, regardless of page count is $15.00.  There is a transfer tax of $3.70 per thousand if there is consideration. If the document is exempt, there are no transfer taxes. We require an affidavit for taxable or exempt transfers be filed with your deed. There is no fee for filing this page.

How can I go about checking to see if there are liens on my property?

You can hire an attorney or check the records yourself .We cannot do a title search for you. The staff will show you the record books and how to use the computer for your search.

Are all of your records open to the public?

You may come in to research any document on record in our office or visit our land records website

How much are copies of any document?

Copies are $0.25 per page if you make your own copy. Certification will be an additional $1.00. If staff makes the copy, the fee will be $5.00, which includes certification.

How can I retire my mobile home title?

You may visit for information on retirement of title and for information on obtaining a copy of your mobile home title.

Where may I obtain a copy of a birth or death certificate?

Copies of vital records are available at our county health dept. on 203 North Page Street (843-623-2117).

Where may I obtain a copy of my marriage license?

Copies of marriage licenses are available at our county Probate Court Office (Chesterfield County Courthouse).

Where may I obtain or file my business license?

You may visit the SC Dept. of Revenue website for complete information on business licenses in South Carolina.

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