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More on Chesterfield County...

Chesterfield County is located on the border of North Carolina and South Carolina line and is 40 miles south of Charlotte, NC.  With approximately 300 miles in circumference Chesterfield County is the 3rd largest County in the State of South Carolina in area.  We boast four great golf courses and plenty of other outdoors sports.  Many hunters invade the County during hunting season because of our abundant natural resources. 


On the Eastern end of Chesterfield County is Cheraw State Park which offers cabins for rent, camping, fishing, canoeing, swimming, a playground, a beach, golf, and nature trails.  The “House on the Hill” is also available to rent for functions.


On the South side of Chesterfield County is the Town of McBee we border Lake Robinson and Darlington County.  Many activities are available at the lake.  Private residences dot the shoreline and there are plenty of boat landings.  A stop at McLeod’s Farms for ice cream and fresh vegetables are a must.  You might even get in on a festival at the farm while you are passing through or grab a meal at Bigs.


Centered in the middle of Chesterfield County is Sandhills State Forest.  There are events on the 47,850 acres of forest year round from bird watching to dog trials.  Sugarloaf Mountain is also a part of the State Forest.  “The Mountain” is an unusual geological phenomenon towering 100 feet above the surrounding terrain.  There is unusual vegetation for this region such as Mountain Laurel and Pixi Moss.  This may be due to it being capped with sandstone in years past.  Rustic campsites, picnicking, fishing and other recreational opportunities are available year round.


Most of Chesterfield County can be explored while passing through going to Myrtle Beach, SC.  Coming down Highway 601 N/151/74 from North Carolina you arrive in Pageland, The Watermelon Capital of the World.  Traveling due South you will pass through Jefferson and McBee.  Should you take the Eastern route on Highway 9 you will drive directly across the upper part of Chesterfield County passing through Mt. Croghan, Ruby, Chesterfield (the County Seat) and on to Cheraw – “The Prettiest Town in Dixie”.

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