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Clerk to Council

Susie Boswell

Susie Boswell

178 Mill St.

Chesterfield, SC 29709

Phone: 843-623-2535

Fax: 843-623-3945


Department Functions:

The Clerk to Council records and transcribes minutes of council meetings; processes ordinances, resolutions and proclamations; is the custodian of the County seal; maintains minute books and County Code of Ordinances; attests and certifies official documents on behalf of the County; prepares advertisements of public hearings, meetings and legal notices; and performs all duties as required by State Code and local ordinances.

South Carolina Clerks to Council Code of Ethics:

To maintain the professionalism and integrity of the Clerk to Council office by supporting local government practices and sustaining professional growth for the benefit of the public whom we serve. I do hereby affirm that the following ethics shall govern my conduct as Clerk to Council:

  • To uphold County Government and protect the laws that have been established

  • To conduct the affairs of my office in a manner that reflects honor and public trust

  • To the best of my ability record and preserve what is true and accurate

  • To protect documents and artifacts which have been entrusted to me

  • To maintain the role of neutral servant as I serve the elected body and the public

​These ethics, I as the Clerk to Council, do pledge.

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