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Handicap Ramp

Is a Permit Required?

A building permit is required for residential and commercial ramps stick built from wood or poured concrete. Metal ramps are not subject to a permit fee.

Railings, Landings, Guards, Materials, etc.

  • Residential ramps are to be built with a slope of 1”/12” (8.33%)

  • A slope of 1/20 (5% or less) is considered a walkway and no permit is necessary.

  • The minimum clear width of a ramp shall be 36” (including handrails / guards).

  • Maximum rise is 30” max (30ft in length at 1/12) at which point will need to be terminated by a landing of 60” clear.

  • The landing should be at least as wide as the ramp run leading to it and 60” in length.

  • Ramp shall have level landings at the top and terminating to the ground at the bottom.

  • At any change of direction, the landing must be 60” x 60”.

  • A guard rail is required with a height of 42” from the surface of the deck.

  • A hand rail, between 34” and 38” is required on ramps over 30” in height (a guard rail cannot be a hand rail and a handrail cannot be a guard rail due to height requirements).

  • A 4” guard along the top of the ramp surface is required to prevent wheel chair wheels from falling from the ramp.

  • Cross section cannot exceed 1/48 (2%)

  • Treated lumber is required in any areas coming in contact with the ground or less than 18” from the surface of the ground.

  • The surface of the ramp should provide a non-slip surface.

  • Plywood is not allowed to be used as a ramps surface.

  • Joist supports are required along the underside of the ramp where necessary.

If you have any questions please call the Codes Office at
843-623-9615 and asked to speak with an inspector.

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