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Deeana Dixon

Dee Dixon

Emergency Services Supervisor/TAC/Risk Manager/APIO

109 Scotch Rd.

Chesterfield, SC 29709

Phone (Non-Emergency): 843-623-6838

Fax: 843-623-3564


Mission Statement:

Chesterfield County maintains and operates the Chesterfield County E-911 communications system, handling all calls, whether emergency or non-emergency in nature.  We will work together to answer all calls in an efficient and effective manner that assures the safety of responders and the general public.  Chesterfield County E-911 will provide services to the citizens of Chesterfield County in a courteous and professional manner, and work to preserve and protect the lives and property of all persons in Chesterfield County.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get a 911 address?

All 911 addresses are assigned by Codes Enforcement. Their office is located in the Administration Building at 178 Mills St in Chesterfield, or you can call them at (843) 623-9615.  

How do I get a copy of a CFS (Call for Service) Report or Copy of a Phone Call? 

You will need to fill out a "Freedom of Information Act Request".  The FOIA Request is located here.


Who do I need to call if I am going to be burning something?

You would need to call the South Carolina State Forestry Commission to obtain a burning permit.  SC State Forestry Commission has two (2) different numbers depending on what you are burning, for "yard debris" call 1-(800) 986-3596 and for "any other burning" call 1-(800) 777-3473.

If I do not have an emergency and need to talk to someone who do I call?

Our non-emergency number is (843) 623-6838. 

What number to I need to call if I am having problems with my phone?

For problems with your phone, you would need to either dial 611 or your local telephone provider.  

What number can I call to get up to date information on the roads in my area?

If you are asking about road conditions, 9 times out of 10, 911 dispatchers are busy assisting people who have decided to travel on the roadways.  You can call 511 to get up to date information on the roads in our area.  

What is “811”?

811 is the national dig number. If you are planning on digging and you think some type of utility may be in that area you should call 811.  811 will contact all of the utilities in your area and those utilities will respond and mark their utilities for you.  For more information on 811 please visit for more questions and answers from SC811.

If my vehicle was towed, who do I need to call?

If it was towed by the South Carolina Highway Patrol you would contact them at *HP from you cell phone. If it was towed by the Sheriff’s Office, Chesterfield PD, or Cheraw PD, you would call 843-623-6838 and ask the telecommunicators who towed the vehicle.  It is a lot easier to locate a vehicle that was towed if you supply 911 with the tag number and date it was towed.

If I have a complaint about dispatch who do I need to call?

You would need to call 843-623-3362 and speak to the 911 Supervisor about your complaint.

Why do I always have to answer a bunch of questions about where I am and what my phone number is when I call 911? Doesn't your computer tell you that? 

911 telecommunicators have to make sure they get the address right the first time.  Not having the correct address can be the difference between life and death.  Although the phone number and address provided by the 911 computer are nearly always correct, every now and then mistakes will be found. That is why the telecommunicator must confirm that information by asking the caller. Also, many times callers are requesting help at a location other than the one they are calling from.  We also use PowerPhone Total Response Protocols as well.  These protocols are a scripted call taking guide to help our telecommunicators get the correct amount of information to make sure we keep our responders safe and our callers safe as well.  These protocols have detailed instructions for callers to help the injured person before responders arrive.  These instructions include CPR, Choking, Bleeding Control and many more.

Can 911 give me someone’s number? 

Chesterfield County 911 can not provide anyone with any phone numbers due to several different confidentiality agreements.

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