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Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness is described as being prepared to handle any disaster that can occur, man-made or natural. There are all types of disasters that we must plan for in this county. Chesterfield County is subject to many potential disasters (natural and man-made, including war) that could cost lives and destroy property over a wide area. The county is vulnerable to hurricanes, winter storms, floods, tornadoes, thunderstorms, industrial incidents and transportation accidents, to name a few.

Assemble Your Family Disaster Supplies Kit!

Disasters happen anytime and anywhere. And when disaster strikes, you may not have much time to respond.

There are six basics you should stock in your home:

  1. water

  2. food

  3. first aid supplies

  4. clothing and bedding

  5. tools and emergency supplies

  6. special items

Chesterfield County Emergency Services/E-911 has pamphlets with checklists and general information on creating a family disaster plan. Stop by our office and gather this information. Take the time to read through everything we have available. Arm yourself with knowledge on how to survive during a disaster.

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