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Lifeguard EMS

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I have a complaint on a Lifeguard Employee, who do I need to call?

Any issues with Lifeguard EMS can be directed to an on duty supervisor. Their number is (803)508-2522.

I am needing to get my medical records, how do I get them? 

Medical requests go through MediCopy Services. You may email them at, call them at 866-587-6274, or visit their website at

Why does it take the ambulance so long to get to my house?  I only live a mile down the road. 

Sometimes the Ambulance that is in your neighborhood may be on another call and the one coming to you will be coming from another district.

Will Lifeguard take me to the hospital of my choice? 

Lifeguard EMS will typically transport you to the hospital of your choice within reason and the facility can take care of your needs. 

Will Lifeguard take me to my doctor's appointment? 

No. Lifeguard EMS does not do non-emergent transports. We are strictly 911 service. 

What is the difference between Lifeguard EMS and the local rescue squads? 

Lifeguard EMS is the contracted Ambulance Service for the County. We are contracted to respond to the EMS needs of County residents. The Rescue Squads are composed solely of volunteers. The volunteers, when available, will respond to assist the Paid EMS service. 

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