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Jack Rivers

Jack Rivers

178 Mill St.

Chesterfield, SC 29709

Phone: 843-623-2338

Fax: 843-623-3676


Public Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Department Functions:

Welcome to the Chesterfield County Auditor’s Office information. Our information is designed to improve the efficiency and convenience for our web site visitors and Auditor’s Office. It is a pleasure to serve you!

The Auditor's office bills all personal property taxes in Chesterfield County.

Personal property which is taxable includes:

  • Automobiles

  • Trucks

  • Motorcycles

  • Motor Homes

  • Boats

  • Airplanes

  • Campers

  • Office Equipment & Furniture used in a business

Vehicle taxes are due the month your tag expires. In order to obtain a valid decal for your license plate, taxes must be paid. Taxes are based on the value of the property and the district where the owner resides.

The Auditor's Office assists citizens with forms for those who may qualify for tax exemptions through the state of South Carolina. Some of these forms include:

  • Certain military veterans

  • Medal of Honor recipients

  • Wheelchair confined citizens

  • Prisoners of war

  • Vehicles used to transport minors requiring wheel chairs

  • Homestead Exemptions

Programs that Provide Tax Relief for
Property Owners:

Homestead Exemption - Exemption for the Elderly, Disabled, or Blind

Do you qualify?

  1. I hold the complete fee simple title or life estate to my primary residence.

  2. As of December 31 preceding the tax year of the exemption, I was a legal resident of South Carolina for one year.

  3. As of December 31 preceding the tax year of the exemption, I was 65 years of age, or was declared totally and permanently disabled by a state or federal agency having the authority to make such a declaration, or was legally blind as certified by a licensed ophthalmologist.


If statements 1, 2 and 3 are true, you are qualified to receive the Homestead Exemption.​

High Mileage Appeals

For vehicles with high mileage, persons may request an appeal before the due date of the tax notice. The vehicle owner must sign a statement certifying the number of miles on the vehicle's odometer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are property taxes calculated?

Each piece of property is assessed based on its use. An Assessment Ratio is multiplied by the market value of the property to determine the assessed value. The applicable millage rates are multiplied by the assessed value to determine the taxes due.

Why am I getting a tax bill on a car I just bought from a dealer? Were not taxes and tags included?

When a dealer sells you a vehicle, the taxes that are included are sales taxes. The bill that you received is for county property taxes. You have a 120-day grace period from the date of purchase of your new vehicle in which to pay the county property tax due on your vehicle. If you do not pay the county property taxes due on your new vehicle for which the dealer purchased your plates for you, a notice will be sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend you Driver's License 30 days after the due date of the taxes. If your driver's license is suspended for non-payment of property taxes and you also hold a CDL (Commercial Driver's License),your CDL will also be affected by the suspension.

I have received a tax bill on a motor vehicle I have sold. What do I need to do?

If you did not transfer your license plate to another vehicle, you may disregard the tax notice. However, when you sell a vehicle, you may be entitled to a pro-rated refund of taxes.

When I purchased my car, the dealership said they would take care of my taxes and tag. Why do I now have a bill?

The dealer was referring to sales tax and tag, not property taxes which are due 120 days from the date of purchase.

If I want to transfer my license plate to a replacement vehicle, what do I now do?

Take the registration for your previous vehicle, along with the title to your replacement vehicle, to the Division of Motor Vehicles and register your replacement vehicle. You will not need to pay property taxes on the replacement vehicle until the registration on your previous vehicle expires.

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