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Animal Shelter

Teresa Yoder, Shelter Director

467 Goodale Rd.

Chesterfield, SC 29709

Phone: 843-623-3585

Fax: 843-623-3540


Public Hours:

Monday - Friday- 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday- By Appointment Only
Sunday- Closed

Department Functions:

The Chesterfield County Animal Shelter is available to county residents. If you have a dog or cat you no longer want, please bring it to the shelter during public business hours listed below. All Litter and Animal Control issues are handled by the Sheriff's Office.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a humane society in the county?

No, We do work very closely with a few rescue groups, but there is not a humane society. We adopt out dogs and cats through the shelter and the rescue groups adopts also.

What is the law regarding rabies vaccinations?

SC state law requires that all dogs and cats receive a rabies vaccination at the age of 16 weeks and booster yearly or every three years depending on the vaccine given. Chesterfield County offers rabies vaccination clinics each year. They normally place an ad in the local papers. The shots are offered at a discounted price and the clinics will be held throughout the county.

Is there a leash law in our county?

No, but some towns do have leash laws.

What can I do about stray animals in my neighborhood?

Stray animals are a problem in Chesterfield County, when you find them in your neighborhood you have two options:

  1. Immediately bring them to the shelter

  2. Immediately contact the Sheriff's Office and file a complaint so Animal Control Officers can come pick them up

Does the Animal Shelter pick up dead animals?

No, Animal Shelter does not pick up any dead animals. However the state will pick up dead animals in some instances; you can contact them at 843-623-2543.

What happens when animals are brought into the shelter?

All dogs and cats are held for five days. This gives owners time to come and reclaim their pet. After the animal has been at the shelter for five days, it becomes an adoptable pet and will be adopted out or taken by a rescue group to help find it a home.

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